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Our Mission: The Malibu Agriculture Society is a community of people who share a love of gardening, growing food and homesteading through cultural gatherings, simple ceremonies and skill sharing. We believe that delicious nourishment can be
within hands' reach for every Malibu citizen by integration of food production into daily life. We enjoy knowing our children are learning how to survive and
thrive directly from the land they live on and around. Through our common bond of agriculture, we strive to enact a environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence

on this planet.

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Getting Started

Which One Describes You Best?


"I am just starting a new garden."

You have land, a yard, or maybe just pots and you want to grow something edible - herbs, veggies, berries or trees.


"I have some experience... I love gardening."

You may have trees and a garden and want to plant more, grow better.


"I want to go for maximum health and harvest"

You have land, trees, experience.. and now you want to be more efficient, abundant, exotic, diverse, and conserve water...


About The Malibu Agricultural Society

Our Story

Founded in 2010 by 28 local residents at the first meeting, The Malibu Agricultural Society was the inspiration of Mary Malko, Sean Jennings, and June Louks. Since then we have had the opportunity to learn and share foundational garden skills while testing many ideas and techniques for orchard, soil, compost, harvest and food prep.. Through this journey of reconnection, self-reliance and community building we share a better understanding of our land, our foodways, health, regional resources, water, toxins, soil, trees, seeds, insects and sooo much more !

Explore MagS topics:

The Malibu Agricultural Society meetings have covered many topics - diverse, fascinating, enlightening, fun, exciting, avant-garde, old, new, experimental, cutting edge, deep, simple, complex, local, global...  And whether you were at our meetings or are just now tuning in, our links library is the path to an infinite wealth of resource material, knowledge and experience... MagS LEARNING LIBRARY

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