( Wind ) Power to the People !

Updated: Oct 21, 2018

We live in an era when our need for energy, mostly electricity, is higher than ever before in our lifetime. And we now have a choice among technologies for viable alternatives to fossil-power provided to us by central source utility services under government control.

semtive wind turbine 1
Not too big, kinda cute, in a playground sorta way.

How to you power your home ?

I know quite a few homes locally here that have installed solar power collector panels on the roof. This is a huge step toward the future of community based, locally created and stored power. Being an early adapter and buying into solar technology now helps fund and proliferate fledgling companies and strategies that prove out over time as progressively more viable, reliable and durable.

For anyone with a home or land in the Western states, solar has been the foremost idea in domestic power production. Second only to buying "green power" from the utility companies - So Cal Edison, DWP, etc, back when they first started offering a green option. Now, across the western plains, much more energy is actually produced by wind farms than in the past, in conjunction with standard hydroelectric dams, and power plants.

Power plants burn coal, oil and natural gas and nuclear fuel to generate steam for their electricity-making turbines. We consume the electricity to charge our electric cars and power our home appliances. That is why zero-emission vehicles are really still "elsewhere emission vehicles" unless we are harvesting solar power and wind power ourselves at home, or know for certain that our local utility is providing green power sources for our electricity.

What else can we be doing ?The future now has two major horizons: solar and wind. If we live anywhere along the coast we have a predictable amount of sunshine and on-shore breezes year 'round. So why are we not harvesting the wind power ? It's free, just like the sun. It's plentiful... really plentiful near the ocean, on ridges, passes, just about anywhere depending on the time of day and season. But it's plentiful, and free. What we have not had until recently is an efficient means to grab it and convert it into electricity. (Those gigantic wind propellers out in the desert are not going to help at home! ) Besides, they need serious wind velocity to work properly.

Obviously we need a scaled-down something or other to go on our roof or yard or back slope. It has to work even in small breezes, should be affordable, low maintenance and not ugly.

( I remember a house on my street back in the 80's had a small windmill attached to his chimney. He was a hobbyist who generated his own electric power with it. At the time i was guessing he had car batteries in the basement to store some of that juice. )

Anyway, about that scaled-down windmill... May I suggest the following miracle now on the market for all to enjoy: Nemoi Wind Turbines ! and this q&a: nemoi talk

I have always wanted my own windmill for electric power. I have always imagined some kind of battery storage for it. Today, we can say that such imaginings are finally real and manifest to anyone willing to buy into the technology currently available. Although I should mention that Tesla power walls are complex and Not very affordable yet. But while there is wind and sun, there can be a real-time flow of electric energy into the home ! Usually we have one or both available in good quantity... Let's take advantage of it and lead the way to energy independence.

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