EMF's and the 5G problem

Hi Malibu Aggers!

I am reaching out to your for your support to help us halt the proliferation of cell towers in Malibu, not only because it was an electrical pole that caused the Woosley fire and their proliferation affects our safety but also because electrosmog is having the most deleterious effect on our planet right now and this is an incredible opportunity to act locally to empower the national and global direction of our planet. Kathy Gill, MAG member, suggests reading “The Invisible Rainbow - A History of Electricity and Life” bu Arthur Firstenberg. It has oodles of empirical evidence and shows clearly how the varroa mite is the EFFECT of electro smog on the weaken bees (read below). Pat Healy, MAG member just wrote me, "the Monarch population has plummeted to the point that the western population is near extinction.” Shalane Respondek, MAG founding member said, "My friend’s neurosurgeon says business is way up. Why? Because he is removing more brain tumors on the right side of the brain at a breaking record rate due to cell phones.” Author Thomas Cowan helps us connect the dots with carona virus and electro smog. We, plants, animals and humans, all conduct electricity in our cells and our fields and although non-ionizing microwaves might not create heat in humans, the long term exposure is deleterious.

Currently there is an action item for this being considered by Planning Commission. In a few weeks we have another opportunity to encourage our city council to not only approve a more stringent telecom ordinance, but also require a more rigorous application. Without going into all the politics of it all, (Lonnie Gordon <magiclg@verizon.net> can give you the scoop) I will just tell you that these items need your urgent support.

Here is how you can take action.

1.) Write a letter to the planning commission today. (Below is mine, please read, and you can copy it/modify it.) They need to know this is important to our community members (YOU!)

2.) Talk to your tribe, friends, neighbors to raise awareness (go to MalibuForSafeTech.org) and encourage more letters.

3.) Write to the papers. Do you have any contacts you can ask them for an editorial? MalibuForSafeTech.org is having their one year anniversary!

4.) Donate to malibuforsafetech.org. They want to put up signs in front of all the towers within 500 feet of schools and residents to help raise awareness. (Great idea, yes?)

5.) Love, love love!

I love you!


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