Living Hell

For sentient beings of every imaginable kind, awareness requires freedom and interaction at the capacity inherent to that creature. Which means every living thing has the right to freedom - freedom to be what it has evolved to be, and beyond. For common farm animals that would usually mean open grazing, natural prey or food, fresh air, sunlight and water. The only restrictions and limitations that are justified are those imposed by nature herself. That is the balance of nature. This balance is the universal imperative for all sentience and the final expression of all natural laws. As such, imprisonment, cruelty and torture are aberrations the come into play with the rise of human culture and sometimes primate (chimpanzee) culture. Humans can live and die by their own agreements. But animals have no voice in our complex, regulatory, mind-numbing, mechanistic world. By the time our social and cultural existence comes to rely on Industrial Farming in the 20th century, many unfortunate beasts of the creator are now just a doomed genetic experiment for human consumption and exploitation more grim than even the most terrifying films in the horror genre. We've seen the gore and 'scared green' videos since childhood. But little has changed in all that time. In fact the industrial farm animal horrors have gotten worse, more widespread, and now more protected by 'our' government than ever before. Here is a short, sweet, animated expression of the problem in the tidiest but clearest video you'll ever find on the subject...



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